Testimonials ~

"I have fibromyalgia and was finding it increasingly difficult to work at my desk for even a few minutes.  I wanted to create a more comfortable work station for myself and a more ergonomically correct study area for my children.  Barb's evaluation and subsequent recommendations have resulted in my boys and I having a more suitable work/study environment.  I am SO much more comfortable working at my desk now and also feel happy knowing that I have set up healthy seating/desk arrangements for my children.  Thank you very much Barb!"

"Barb Phillips is a dedicated, hardworking and efficient expert in the area of ergonomics.  Above all, she is most caring about those she helps.  Her willingness to go the extra mile, especially with follow-ups, is extraordinary and I, along with many other City employees she has helped are ever so grateful.  It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to have been helped by Barb." 

"I appreciate the job that Barb Phillips does.  Ergonomically, my workspace was far from ideal.  Barb came in, made immediate changes, made suggestions and made things happen! Now I enjoy a much better working environment within my own office.  I particularly appreciate Barb’s genuine caring, her follow-up and her dedication to her job.  She is a true professional."
J. Nerlinger

"It has been more than a year now since Barb helped me.  When I first met her, I had tears in my eyes because of how painful my hands were.  She told me that after she worked with me, my hands would be better.  Well, it came true!  I am so grateful for the work Barb did with me.  Her effort did not go to waste.  Thank you so much." 
R. Dayo

"I am sending this message in appreciation of Barb Phillips.  I would like to commend her for meeting the needs of the staff in my office.  As of today, I am not only using a chair that provides the proper support, but I am no longer straining to see the computer.  We are fortunate that she was willing to go the extra mile to provide the service needed to improve the comfort of many of my staff."   
C. Shivers

"Barb Phillips truly takes her ergonomic specialty to the next level.  She’s very knowledgeable in what she does and with regard to use of proper ergonomic equipment.  She’s patient and won’t stop until you’ve achieve the perfect ergo comfort level."
M. Donohue

"I have been symptom free since you provided me with the track ball and different techniques to avoid putting pressure on my wrists, along with the new chair position.  You helped me out tremendously!  Thank you."
J. Flintoff

"I met with Barbara Phillips this afternoon and am very happy to write that she was excellent. She was extremely pleasant and professional. She listened to each of my concerns and made prudent suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara and am so pleased with her work."
Analyst Corporate Communications and Marketing




Before & After... Roll Your Cursor Over the Photos ~

BEFORE: Shoulder & neck pain.AFTER: Document moved midline, telephone brought closer, provided education.

BEFORE: Worker is experiencing neck compression.BEFORE: Worker is experiencing neck compression.  AFTER: Neck is in neutral position. AFTER: Neck is in neutral position.

BEFORE: Neck and upper back pain.AFTER: Monitor lowered, chair elevated. Provided education. AFTER: Monitor lowered, chair elevated. Provided education.